ci-maroon LLP was founded in 2007. The core nature of our service is ‘problem solving’, this applies across the gamut of risks, incidents, security & safety issues, disputes and conflicts.  We support individuals and businesses, and manage all sizes and all types of investigations, case reviews, risk assessments and security case work.

Our expertise stems from our pool of operatives with backgrounds in:

  • Criminal Justice System (Police, Probation & Prison Services)
  • Military
  • Medical & Health Services
  • Education
  • Commerce
  • Social Services
  • Journalism
Reductions in public spending requires revised protocols for the Police Service, Courts and other key organisations. This means we need to do more to support these stretched public resources and simultaneously work at enhancing how we safeguard ourselves and our businesses.
The ‘labyrinth’ of laws are increasingly complex, requiring specialist knowledge and significant time and resources to navigate.
How we assess your case:
  1. Conduct an initial assessment, based on confidential interviews with you;
  2. Outline your range of remedial options;
  3. Based on your expressed requirements we can Draft, Implement and Execute your plan
  4. We are available long after resolution, to ensure continued reassurance.
  5. We can undertake any project, subject to the aims satisfying ethical standards – i.e. lawful and legitimate objectives.
  6. if-there-is-evidence-2
     ‘If there is evidence we will find it for you’.

Locard’s Exchange Principle     Dr Edmond Locard 1877 – 1966

We provide Specialist Advice and Training, supporting Individuals and Businesses – large or small. We ensure our practice, procedures and protocols are consistently delivered to highest industry standards. We welcome your inquires and appreciate your feedback.