Policing with Difference

Book Description – A powerful, concise and polemic handbook. Reflecting experiential perspectives on the most significant challenge facing twenty-first century policing in Britain – ‘diversity in policing’. Important reading for: – serving police officers, from newest recruits to chief officers; – students of policing and criminology; – those engaged in policing partnership organisations; and – all who have active interest in enhancing British policing.

Dealing With The Underdog Within

Book Description – A powerful eclectic collection of aphorisms, each attributed to some of the most progressive personalities, many achieving remarkable feats often in spite of significant hurdles or disadvantages. These maxims are linked to people and events long past; yet they have an infinite relevance. 21st century technological innovations; scientific developments; medical advancements and enhanced metaphysical knowledge create modern day challenges to the quality of our existence; influencing how we manage ourselves and how we interact with others. This is inspiration from significant contributors spanning over two centuries and continuing to make positive contribution to how we live and understand life today. Read, Think and Apply them everyday