Enhancing Law Enforcement

 We investigate a wide range of casework specialising in complex cases

notably allegations involving GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR serious misconduct with often fatal or life changing outcomes.

Investigating INCIDENTS RESULTING IN serious injuries & unexplained deaths 


Specialist consultants


Independent facilitators for liasion with Police, Independent Office for Police Conduct, Crown Prosecution Service and all other agencies


Deciphering police centric psuedo legal jargon


Conduct Independent investigations


Use of force - independent expert assessments


Interim and full case reviews

The UK police service is experiencing significant challenges  e.g. financial cuts, reduced resources, new crime categories, reputational harm….etc. 

We offer all possible support to enhance service.  Supporting the ‘police corporate’ to take measures to address gross failures of some personnel, when this occurs.

Closing ranks and covering over of mistakes or misconduct is the greatest current risk to the UK police service.  Damage done is on the brink of being beyond repair.

Priority is to enhance policing standards by (1) supporting those aspects that are working well and (2) addressing organisational policies or individual conduct posing or actually resulting in harm.

Anti – Police and Pro – Police are two sides of ‘the same coin’. Both are based on fears, hatred and intolerance. Proponents blindly led, by warped views designed and imposed by others.

Pro – Police

A moderate stance supports effective policing, very important for safe communal living.  However, when taken to extreme it becomes the means to justify all police actions, including misconduct!  Some proponents adopting any means to justify even clearly indefensible acts.


Futile negativity on all policies and actions, without regard for nature of operations, quality of plans, overall intentions and actual outcomes.

 We reject both extremes. We insist on fairest treatment for ALL


© “Ensure all protectors actually provide protection” launched in 2017 by ci-maroon. To enhance support for effective law enforcement and judicial remedies where standards fail.

The Police Federation

©”Protect the Protectors” is a national campaign launched in 2017 by the Police Federation. For legislation providing improved protection for emergency service personnel.


We know the demanding role and extreme work environments, including awareness that there will be circumstances meriting high level use of force or lethal force.  When action is undertaken in ‘good faith’ and with ‘best effort’ we will give support and work toward resolving resulting conflicts with other parties.


Supporting and training personnel and organisations for effective law enforcement.


Strategic planning


Improving Stop & Search


Community impact risk assessments for strategic and tactical plans


Briefing , monitoring & de-briefing operations


Effective investigations of complaints & misconduct allegations


Enhancing intelligence based tactics to eliminate raced based stereotypes

 Police and Community – Terms of Reference

2020 – 2023

Six strategic themes – to address the rapidly deteriorating relationships between some communities and their Police Service

Six Strategic Themes